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Partners and their role

The Open Group is the project coordinator and will drive industry standardisation of HIJA results.

Trialog provides overall technical coordination and development of OSGi related technologies.

Aonix will develop partitioning technologies for developing Java based high-integrity and safety critical applications.

aicas will develop Java based annotation technologies for traceability, debugging, and run-time monitoring.

University of York will develop new computational models.

University of Karlsruhe will provide technologies for analysis of functional correctness for validation and certification of high-integrity systems.

Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Madrid will address technologies that support networked embedded systems and dynamic code distribution.

FZI will research technologies for networking of high-integrity systems and UML modelling from annotated code.

Thales-Avionics will define requirements and validate the use of ANRTS for safety critical systems for the aerospace industry.

Telecom Italia Learning Services will address requirements and validation of ANRTS in flexible dynamic systems involving ambient intelligence.

Fiat Research Centre will specify the needs and validate the use of ANRTS for business critical systems for the automotive industry.

Bellstream will identify requirements and validate of ANRTS in flexible dynamic systems involving intelligent portable devices.