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Expected results

The HIJA project will provide Europe's real-time embedded systems developers the capability of dynamic deployment and code mobility in highintegrity systems. Through the extension of Java's "write once, run anywhere" features, it will be possible to provide portability and upgradeability for a wide range of embedded applications. These high-integrity real-time systems will provide benefits for European industry including:

The HIJA project will also contribute to standards development activities for safetycritical Java, mission-critical Java, and the ARINC 653 Part 2 extensions of the Aerospace safety standards.

The project will focus on providing architecturally neutral, real-time systems prototype platforms for three different types of high-integrity networked embedded systems: Safety-critical systems (e.g. aviation and automotive), Business-critical systems (e.g. production and real-time resource management) and Flexible dynamic systems (e.g. smart houses and learning).

The project will validate the new ANRTS framework through three pilot implementations in Avionics, Automotive and Ambient Intelligence, each involving well-recognised industrial organisations that are partners in the project.