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Thursday, 12 June 2003

Today, the European project HIJA started its work on defining and implementing a new High-Integrity Java for future networked real-time embedded systems. Higher demands will be made on these systems and greater reliance will be placed on the delivery of their services. In effect they will become high-integrity systems, where failure can cause loss of life, environmental harm, or significant financial loss. As embedded systems pervade society, their design, maintenance, and certification will require highly flexible, hardware independent technology to ensure cost effectiveness.

The strategic objective of the HIJA project is to advance real-time systems implementation technologies to support the development of Architecturally Neutral, high-integrity Real-Time Systems (ANRTS). The current trend towards system design approaches based on modelling could make ANRTS format a key intermediate representation in the transformation process. The main technical objective of HIJA is to demonstrate that Java technology can form an appropriate Architecturally Neutral, high-integrity Real-Time System.

Project partners in the HIJA project are leading European technology providers in the realtime domain:

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